may 5th 2020 FSX Virtavia F-4 Reloaded TP update
aug. 14th 2018 Raptor and F16C Tacpack update for P3Dv4
aug. 4th 2018 TMAP 5.1 for P3Dv4
july 10th 2018 A-129 Mangusta converted to FSX, new virtual cockpit, tacpack update
june 2nd 2018 FSX S2F-3 TP update
may 18th 2018 FSX JF (payware) Tornado GR1 TP update
apr. 23rd 2018 FSX Iris Mig-29 TP update
apr. 8th 2018 FSX Alpha F-4D TP update
sep. 22nd 2017 FSX Razbam Harrier TP Update
sep. 2nd 2017 FSX Alpha Jaguar TP Update
aug. 4th 2017 SSW F-104G NASA repaint
mar. 16th 2017 FSX Macchi 202 (updated)
mar. 10th 2017 FSX Fiat G.50
feb. 10th 2017 FSX Macchi 205
oct. 30th 2016 FSX Reggiane 2000
july 15th 2016 Campini Caproni converted to FSX
may 28th 2016 Saab Viggen Tacpack edition
may 5th 2016 YAKOVLEV 38
mar 10th 2016 FSX VAK-191B
mar 1st 2016 FSX Fiat G.95
sept 28th 2015 FSX Yakovlev 36
sept 9th 2015 CFS3 japanese AI
may 5th 2006 Macchi C.202 for FS2004
aug 21st 2003 Campini-Caproni v 2.0 for FS2004.

Work In progress

Tacpack Mod for Any Ship

Tacpack Mod for Any Plane

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